With an on-site material warehousing facility, we have everything in place for our customer’s existing and future outsourcing needs. Our site can also relabel packaging to customer specifications.


As a low tier COMAH site, we can handle and store a wide variety of materials reducing logistical inefficiencies and costs. Our undercover warehouse has Integral 4 pallet high racking. Offering protection from external elements, MP Storages offers both efficient and secure storage of materials.


Stock Management

From raw materials to finished goods. with stock management systems facilitating effective movement reporting and stock control, we can ensure the safe storage of products.

Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal services are available for the secure storage and disposal of waste material in compliance with regulations.


Our site has 24-hour security & CCTV, guaranteeing the safety and security of materials.

For further information on Warehousing please contact info@mpstorage.com.

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