Working within confidential service agreements for small scale development to full 30m3 bulk blends, our focus on quality and service ensures that all final products are supplied on time, in full and to specification.


Our site has a range of stainless-steel blending vessels in a variety of sizes to support your blending requirements. Our blenders are fitted with stainless heating coils which are thermostatically controlled, and centralised paddle mixers, to ensure uniformity in blends.

All our blenders have top opening hatches for sampling and additions of powders or small liquids, as well as fume extraction. Nitrogen or compressed air lines are located around the blending stations so that, where necessary, nitrogen can be applied to blenders for blanketing purposes.


Blender Capacities

  • Blender 1 = 30000 litres
  • Blender 2 = 25000 litres
  • Blender 3 = 4800 litres
  • Blender 4 = 6000 litres
  • Blender 5 = 900 litres

Demineralised Water

MP Storage and Blending has its own on-site, demineralised water plant that produces ultra-pure low conductivity water for use during blends. Due to it being readily available, we can offer competitive prices for the water supply, whilst also minimising logistical costs.


Our site has a variety of pumps to suit the nature of your product. We also have various static and flow meters to ensure your material is being handled with precision. Additionally, our site features a variety of pallet scales for further quality checks to take place before despatch.

Heat Rooms

We have two thermostatically controlled hot rooms for heating and melting chemicals prior to blending. These rooms are monitored regularly throughout the day and night by our highly trained operators and security staff.

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