2M Group of Companies - Coronavirus Statement

At the 2M Group of Companies, we are continuously monitoring the global updates on Coronavirus (COVID 19) and will abide by all recommendations from the UK’s Department of Health; the World Health Organisation and the CDC.

The safety of our communities, colleagues, customers and suppliers is of paramount importance for us so until further notice, we will restrict travel and gatherings including conferences and large meetings. Meetings will be replaced by video calls and phone calls.

During this time, we will strive to make this time of uncertainty productive for our company and any company working in partnership with us. We want to assure you that our products will continue to have a robust supply chain without interruption. The majority of our supply base is within the EU and North America and is so far unaffected.

This is a difficult time for all and we appreciate your continued support. We anticipate that this virus will continue to spread in the coming weeks and months, and our priority is the health and safety of all concerned.

The 2M Group of Companies have implemented several actions and controls in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and the World Health Organisation’s declaration of a Public Health emergency of international concern.

To protect our colleagues and visitors we are;
· Asking employees not to travel to affected zones and to limit international travel to strictly necessary. All travel is being approved by senior management and employees are instructed to self - isolate for 14 days if returning from an affected region or in contact with someone who is affected.
· Asking employees and colleagues to respect the “no handshake” recommendations made by health organisations.
· Issuing special visitor requirements respectfully asking them to read and confirm that they have not visited any of the risk identified countries and have not been in contact with anyone who has contracted the Coronavirus (COVID-19) during the previous 14 days.

To mitigate supply chain disruption, we are;
· Seeking reassurances of supply chain from all major supply partners.
· Undertaking regular reviews of stock and supply chains to be able to identify alternative origins and supply sources as soon as it evident there may be some disruption.
· Suggesting that customers make longer term commitments on key products to assist with stock replenishment decisions to limit the possibility of shortages.
· Offering a diverse ingredient portfolio, derived from a variety of feedstocks.
· Sourcing ingredients from hundreds of suppliers, with multiple sources or multiple manufacturing sites available for many of our products.
· Working with key alliances, such as Omni-chem 136, the world's largest network of independent chemical distributors, to leverage combined assets and ultimately, provide responsive supply chain support and quality assurance.

The 2M Group of Companies has international purchase and supply agreements with global organisations and believe it is well placed to source products from international markets where supplies are not currently affected by the Coronavirus.

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